CHS Class of 1993 10 year reunion:

My graduating class of 1993 just celebrated its 10 year anniversary in Montgomery - about 24 of the 52 made it back and we had a great time catching up and meeting the spouses. Kudos to Ken and Valerie for organizing it, and Andrew for hosting the dinner on Saturday night. Those of you who didn't attend - SHAME ON YOU - we made up all sorts of stories about you. :)

Friday night we went to the Marina Bar and Grill where we sat around for a while and then were told the kitchen was closed, so we moved on to the Montgomery Brew Pub downtown where we grabbed some food and listened to the band and chatted. Saturday day, everyone did their own thing and we regrouped at Chantilly that evening, where Andrew had set up a bar and ordered some great barbecue fixin's. We even had a DJ till about 12:30 that night. More people managed to make it Saturday, and when I left at 1:30 AM, the party was just barely starting to wind down. Here are some pictures I took - the flash wasn't working too well, but you get the drift.

af-rc1.jpg (21616 bytes)
Adam and Rob - Adam and his wife life in Dayton, and Rob is in Huntsville.
GroupB1.JPG (141322 bytes)
The whole gang -


tablesE1.jpg (16102 bytes)
Kellie and her husband Joe (they live in Missouri - Kellie is in education, and Joe is a dentist.)
Next is Truett, who is Adam's wife - they live in Dayton. And Amanda is living large in Baltimore.
dance21.jpg (27624 bytes)
Dancing didn't start till right before the DJ was ready to leave.
I tried to catch up with everyone - some updates: and I apologize for spelling and factual errors. Just email me ( with your corrections.
Andrea is in New Orleans and loving life with her husband. She's off to Colorado this summer while her husband works at the Colorado Shakespeare festival.
Greyson is an IT guy and has moved back to Alabama after being all over the place.
Christie is working part time for her husband's businesses and raising her kids in Wetumpka.
Karen is expecting her second child in October, and is managing a CVS store.
Shalee and her husband Brandon live in Birmingham where she's working for a non profit organization.
Kara made it all the way from LA where she's doing a little bit of everything.
vd-dh-np1.jpg (15436 bytes)
Valerie, Donald and Nick. Valerie is in Montgomery doing graphic design, Donald works for a bank in Mobile and Nick is living with his wife Rachel and 9 month old in Birmingham.
tablesC1.jpg (18186 bytes)
The Cavan girls and their men - Kristin and Gary live in Birminham with their daughter, and Chris and Kathleen are in Newnan, GA.
ah-tf-aa1.jpg (27118 bytes)
Andrew, Trey and April - all are in Montgomery.
Andrew and his wife Amy live at Chantilly where we had dinner, and Trey is house sitting this summer. April works in a laywer's office.
k-jd1.jpg (60029 bytes)
Kellie and Joe again. Just married in October, almost the same week Adam and Truett were married.

portch51.jpg (21894 bytes)
Dan, Melissa (Ken's better half) Rob, and Jennifer (Rob's girlfriend.) Dan is in Mobile now. Melissa and Ken are getting married in August.

jr-vd-km1.jpg (9248 bytes)
Johnny, Valerie and Ken
Johnny and Colleen living in Birmingham where Colleen is a teacher and Johnny is a Doctor. Ken and Melissa live in Auburn, and Ken commutes to LaGrange where he's a plant engineer.

jr-rc-af1.jpg (9590 bytes)
Johnny, Rob, and Adam.

Sunday morning, about 5 people made it mass at St. Bedes, and a few more of us managed to make it CHS for Mary Starr to give us a tour - the place has changed quite a bit - computers everywhere and the Science Center and Library are very impressive - as are the new baseball and softball fielldds. Here's who actually made it Sunday:

chs11.jpg (108118 bytes)
Greyson, Melissa Hodges, Donald, Amanda, Kellie, Joe Dills(Kellie's husband), Colleen, Johnny, Melissa (Ken's bride to be), Ken, Me, Karen

Other class updates - let me know  ( if you've got news and I'll add it here! Those of you who have contacted me already (both Class of 93 and beyond) - its been great hearing from you!!!

Ruth Hamilton-Erhart lives in New Orleans with her husband Bruce (class of 1992) and their two sons, Ethan (4) and Erin (2). The run and part own 5 Italian Restaurrants called Reginelli's. Elizabeth Gaines is in New York and is working in theatre. Ted Mahan lives in Chicago with his wife Katie and works for a cellular company. Aimee (Lunsford) Gilliam lives in Cleveland with her husband Taine and works for the Playhouse Square Foundation.
Jason Fischer passed away in 2002. Michael Chromey is living in Tuscaloosa working on another graduate degree. He plays in a band in Montgomery.

Going back was quite a change - Montgomery has grown significantly since I lived there - the east side is devolping faster than ever, and it was very interesting to see all the additional shops. And streets!

We thought 10 years was too long - so we're hoping to get volunteers to organize the 15 year reunion - Hope to see you all in 2008!


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