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The French Alps

After Tours and the Loire valley, we spend a very long day
on the bus to arrive early evening in the French Alp town
of Annecy. Annecy is about 30 miles from Geneva, and is
situated on a beautiful lake. The downtown area has
canals through the city that made for a charming evening
walk after dinner to the park on the lake. The Alps are

I wasn't the youngest on the tour -
Blakely was travelling with her
grandmother, but most of the folks
were more Mom and Dad's age.

The next morning we drove to Nice
through southern France. The
geographic change from these tall,
forested mountains to this dry, arid
mountains by the Mediterranean was
dramatic. I wish I had taken pictures
along the drive, but I didn't. In this one
you can almost make out this castle on
the top of one of the hills. The whole
drive made me feel very very small!

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