June 2002 Mom and Dad and I took the France-Italy tour from Grand European Tours, 16 Fabulous days

Mom and Me with Notre Dame in Background

We arrived in Paris at 8 AM and forced ourselves to stay away from our beds at the hotel so we wandered around Paris. It was my first trip to the continent, even though I had done a semester in London when I was in school. Mom and Dad though, are old hands, and were just as excited as I was.  I understand now why Paris is such a big deal. I think I could have spent months there. The art, the architecture, the people... THE FOOD!!! After getting off at the Concord Metro stop, we wandered by the Louvre, crossed the Seine and posed in front of Notre Dame.
We then crossed over to the Left Bank (which is so determined by your position when you look down river) and went to St. Chappelle. This church was built in the 1200s  to house Christian relics. The stained glass in this church is spectacular. I put it on my "must see" list for anyone who goes to Paris. Its almost cozy compared to Notre Dame and definitely has better stained glass. In this shot, you can see they are restoring some of it behind the drapes. Every thing in Paris is being restored in some way - too much soot and car exhaust over the years made everything dingy and grey. Stained Glass in St. Chappel

Street in Paris

After St. Chappelle, we wandered around a bit and then called it a day. This is a shot I took next to the Metro stop we took back to our hotel. Its just an example of what the streets of Paris are like - all art, all the time. I suppose you could get desensitized to it if you lived there, but the Parisians seem to embrace elegance and art in just about everything they do.

Day 2 - Notre Dame....
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