RH Jericho


I recently purchased my first horse (as an adult!) He is a pure bred Arabian and a National Top Ten Winner in Sport Horse in Hand. He's probably one of the best things I've ever done for myself (and most expensive things!!) but I think he's going to be worth his weight in gold.

I purchased him from the Rohan Arabians farm in Efland, NC. I was connected to them by another girl (14yrs!) who has a marvelous national champion Arab that she got from them. Jericho is his last son (they gelded him before selling him.) and I have to say I didn't fall immediately in love. It took watching the video when we got home of me riding him. Some might say that there some narcissitic thing going on there, but hey, we looked gooooood. Anyway, I will forever be grateful to Jenny Kamentz for finding me to be a suitable home for her baby. You know you've found good people with wonderful hearts when they cry (and so do you) when you buy their horse - it was a very bittersweet sunday this past weekend at the end of the show when she finally said good bye and told me she was happy that I loved him so much. We will be visiting her often, I can already tell. People this cool should not be let go easily.

Joel & Jenny Kamentz at Sport Horse Nationals -
picture used with out permission


As mentioned, we recently rode in our first show after only 12 days together. It was his 4th show and my 3rd and we did great. We came out of it as Reserve Champions in Sport Horse Under Saddle - OPEN. And didn't place in anything else all weekend. I think the sport horse in hand judge was a bit looney. Both Jericho, and his dad (Piedmont) are national top 10s in this competition and didn't do well at ALL. So at least it wasn't my poor handling of him. But it might have been his funky hair cut. (and if you want to get me riled up, ask me some day about this clipping nightmare.)

And in our first dressage test together, we cantered just past K and went right out the in-gate to A. Very nice. But after that, we made constant improvement on all three tests and I think I got most of my nerves put to rest. Watch out for us in the next show - we're going to kick booty! Sunday morning was so foggy, I was glad he's a chestnut. Then again, if we had gone out the in-gate, we could have denied it and blamed the fog. :)

Anyway, here is my baby and a few pictures of his lineage. Jenny brought AA Manhattan who is Piedmont's daddy (and Kristin was with him) and Piedmont is Jericho's dad. So we had a great Rohan family reunion. All in all, it was a wonderful, positive weekend and we had a great time. I can't wait until I am skilled enough to really show this beautiful horse off. But we're already qualified for Sport Horse Nationals in September, so we've got big big goals!

GRANPA: AA Manhattan, Jenny Kamentz

DAD: Piedmont, Kristin Weller

MY BABY: RH Jericho, Me!